Monday, July 10, 2017

Wednesday June 28, 2017

Jack and Jim's 70th Birthday!

Don attend the WASH (water and Sanitation) meeting in Kenema only

to have it cancelled after 4 men sat for over an hour to have no one

else show up. The man who conducts the meeting is always telling

everyone how important it is they attend. He chose to attend a

different meeting. No one was happy. Don doesn't think he will attend

another meeting. I vowed not to attend another WASH meeting last

month when they asked us to contribute a ream of paper for their

copier. These people beg money, supplies and food for this meeting

from the NGO's monthly and the meetings are a waste of time.

Nothing of value is accomplished. We have not contributed from our

Humanitarian fund, but we have contributed out of our own pocket.

Tuesday June 27, 2017

Don and John finished evaluating the other 14 wells. Three or four are

not working because the water committee failed to function and did

not collect any money for the water so when the submersible pump

failed, they did not have the money to repair it. One well was

completely abandoned because the people would not pay 1.3 Cents for

40# of clean-drinking water. So they get all their water from a dirty

contaminated stream. They use this stream for a toilet, washing their

clothes and for cooking and drinking water. They get free medication

monthly for everyone in the village from the government to keep them

from getting cholera, etc. So here is a perfectly good well not being

used. Frustrating!

Tonight I taught the first lesson in the Temple-prep class which was to

be for the District Presidency and the 8 branch presidencies. There

were over 30 people there but many of them were women. I don't

have a clue who many of them were. I was later told two of the

branches opened this meeting up to anyone in their branch who was

interested in attending. Because most people here speak Krio and

many women in Sierra Leone are illiterate that put an interesting twist

on the class. I taught the class as simply as I could and I am very glad I

had visuals. That helped many to understand. President Charles, the

man who asked me to teach this class was skeptical, originally, to

having a woman teach a class of men. But after the class, he held my

hand in his and said "I couldn't have done it any better". I later learned

he is a counselor in the Stake Presidency of the Freetown Stake and

works for the Church and is over seminary and institute for all of Sierra



Monday June 26, 2017

Don left for BO this morning with John Blackie our site manager for 18

wells in the BO area and with Samuel Samba our favorite contractor.

The manufacturing facility of wheelchairs for all of Sierra Leone is

located in BO. They need their facility re-wired and a 3-phase electrical

system connected. A local contractor has given the church a bid but

the work of most Africans is so poor the Church wants a second

contractor to look at it and see if they can do it for the same cost of the

first bid. Don and Samuel stopped and took a look at the project and

were aghast! I don't totally understand electrical language but the

problem has something to do with the first contractor trying to put 3

phases into a one-phase box. Samuel is going to put in his own bid

which will be considerably more costly but it will be done right.

Don and John visited 4 wells this afternoon and were pleased all four of

them are working and the water committee in each village is collecting

small amount of money for each jeri can and are using the money to

improve their village and our keeping their well maintained.

Sunday June 25, 2017

We went to the Jui Branch today. I didn't know it, but Don agreed to

have me speak to the Branch Presidency and their wives, Elder Quorum

President and his wife, clerk and his wife, Relief Society President and

her Husband about the Temple. He told me as we were walking up the

stairs to the Sacrament room. He said I was suppose to talk to them

and find out what they know about the temple so I would know how to

prepare my lesson for Tuesday. After Sacrament, we met in a small

room and my goodness! They threw one question after another at me.

I answered everyone of them. I actually felt invigorated. It was so nice

to be in a teaching situation.

Friday June 23, 2017

We are out of budget so we are concentrating on finishing up the many

projects we have going. However the 14-stall toilet at the PMB Bus

Stop has not started yet and I just finished writing the contract for the

200 tables/benches for the schools in Kenema. When those are

completed, we will be out of projects for this year. We are beginning

writing up projects for 2018 for the couple that will come in after us.

They will get a new budget January 1.

Don will be going to Kenema and BO next week to do an evaluation on

58 wells we have put in in the provinces. The roads are nothing but

huge pot-holes (they call them pit-falls) and this is the raining season.

Those pot-holes are now full of water and you cannot tell how deep

they are. Don is going to hire an okada (motorcycle) to take him

around. An okada can go around most of the pot-holes. I am going to

stay at the Mission Home for the week except for one night. I have

been asked to teach the Temple-Prep class to the Kossoh Town District

Presidency and 8 Branch Presidencies. Of the 8 Branch Presidents only

2 have been to the Temple. The other 6 are return missionaries but all

served missions when there was not a Temple in Africa so they did not

have a chance to go to the Temple. I am thrilled to be given a chance to

teach. This is the first time since I have been in Sierra Leone that I have

been asked to teach. They really want the natives to do the teaching.

That is how they will learn. I really miss teaching.


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jeremiah (11 year old grandson) had knee surgery today. He will have a

3 month recovery period.

We miss our grandchildren and our children.

I made a cake and hot chocolate out of the cocoa beans I got in Kenema

a couple of weeks ago. It takes a little more cocoa than the storebought

stuff to make a good tasting cup of cocoa. The cake was good


Monday June 20, 2017

We visited 6 of our job sites today. That was a lot of climbing up and

down the mountains. On one hike down, my feet slid on the loose

gravel and I slid into the back of Don. I was going pretty fast and I

intuitively tried planting my walking stick into the ground. Instead, I

planted my walking stick right on the top of Don's right foot. That kept

him from going anywhere but luckily I didn't throw him off balance. He

turned and looked at me with the sweetest smile and look of happiness

on his face. Melted my heart.