Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 3, 2016 - beware of the paparazzi

Don received a text from Saidu Conteh a few minutes ago that read: "I'm currently watching evening news on the TV a local TV program called 'We Yus'. They just showed you, Sister Carley and President Clawson on the TV. I was very happy to see you. It was fun showing you on our local TV show of the opening of a well project around the Bellair community." Don texted him back saying "Thank you for the update. I will come prepared to sign autographs tomorrow."

 We have received many letters from individuals requesting financial help. We received another one tonight. At 9:00 a young woman was knocking on the door. She handed me a letter. I read it and told her I would discuss it with Elder Carley and then I would visit with her mother. She needs 260,000 Leones for books. Holy cow! No wonder so many young people do not go to school. Their uniforms are more than 210,000 Leones each depending on the size. Bob is 5 years old and his was 210,000 for one.

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