Thursday, October 6, 2016

September 27, 2016

We came to Kenema today. We stopped in Bo on our way and ate lunch with the Sherwoods and left some subsistence money, some mail and a 4 drawer filer cabinet for one of the branches. Then we came to Kenema and met Jonathan Cobinah. He is a well digger, our site manager, and the district president. He was contacted by the Mayor. Of Kenema wanting to meet with us. So Jonathan called him and told him we were here and wanted to schedule an appointment for tomorrow. He insisted we come over right away. So we went to see him. We met with him and one of the community counsellors. The mayor told us that Kenema does not need any wells or toilets. Don and I were both shocked. He wanted to know if we could supply the schools with books. I told him we could supply the schools with furniture and chalkboards. He was so excited about that. There are a dozen schools in this town and most of them are overcrowded and the students sit on the floor. Yes, we can supply benches and tables. The best part about that is, we can have them made locally and give business to half a dozen or more carpenters. This is a win/win situation.

 We then had dinner with the Corbaleys.

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