Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 4, 2016

Mom Ward's Birthday.

I visited the mother of the young woman who wanted me to give her 260,000 Leones for books. As I visited the mother, I had the impression that the mother did not know anything about the letter her daughter gave me. So instead of broaching the subject, I just visited with her. Our conversation naturally came around to school and the mother told me she did not have enough money for all the books for her children, but she had made an agreement with the school to pay a little now and the rest later. The school trusts this woman and made the deal to let her children have the books they need now and receive payment as the mother can afford it (which they would not do for everyone). I felt that this woman has done all she can do and she is doing well. I did not bring up her daughter's letter and did not offer to give her money for books. I will speak to this young girl and ask her why she was asking me for money when she has all the books she needs.

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