Thursday, October 6, 2016

September 21, 2016

We met Michael from Willamett International (NGO) at Treeplanting to look at a site for a hand-dug borehole. We met the community chairman, Saidu Conteh, Our site manager Lionel Thomas, and several other people just interested in knowing why these white people were in their community. We walked way down what they call a "road" to the site and Michael determined that it was a good site. We will move forward with this project in December or January when the rains have slowed so they can dig deeper and get a better result. We were just heading back up the mountain when a truck from the other direction came by. The natives called to the driver and he stopped. They arranged for us white people to get a ride up to the top. Oh, how very nice. But it did give us a view of how a vehicle maneuvers the hillside.

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