Sunday, May 14, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017
We have worked in the office all week. We have had major
frustrations due to one particular man in SLC who has slowed down our
progress and then took off for a week's vacation without telling us. It
made the Gredings, the water specialists in California, so angry they
made a call to the man's boss and the boss approved the project after
he studied it and is ready to make the presentation to the big wigs in
Salt Lake today. He says we will know something early next week. We
are at the height of the dry season and now is the time to be damming
spring boxes while the water flow is small. Every day we lose draws us
a day closer to the rainy season when work is difficult and more costly.
Elder Carley came home from an early morning run with a smile on his
face. How could he be smiling after running up and down these hills.
He told me he met the coach of the Sierra Leone track team and was
invited to come to their training camp to discuss the benefits of long-
term regular exercise. Earlier he had met the fastest woman in Sierra
Leone (who runs the 100 meters) as she passed him going up hill as if
he was in a lounge chair.

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