Sunday, May 14, 2017

Saturday, March 25, 2017
I am so tired today. I stayed home and Don went out to the work sites plus he is going
Bob came over half a dozen times this afternoon but I sent him away because I am so
tired. I told him to come back when grandpa came home. Don got home about 3:00
and Bob came with him. Bob asked me "what are WE having for dinner?". I told him I
was going to make groundnut soup and asked if he wanted noodles (which he loves) or
rice. He chose rice. At 5:00 I began dinner and at 6:30 we ate. Bob ate like he had not
eaten all day. I asked him what he had to eat today and he said "bread with jam and
honey for breakfast." He had nothing else to eat and the boy moves all the time. He
dances, runs, twists, and turns everywhere he goes. He uses a lot of energy. I felt
terrible. He was probably coming over to get something to eat those half a dozen
times he showed up at the door. I wish I had taken a few minutes to talk to him instead
of shooing him away.

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