Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017
General Conference today. But we don't get it until 4:00 this afternoon. Don is still ill
so I walked over to the Makama Branch and attended services there. When I walked
into the chapel, I had such a sweet feeling of peace roll over me. It stayed with me all
day. At 3:30 the Missionaries showed up and we watched the Spoken Word and then
conference. The Missionaries were so engrossed in the conference. They were glued
to the computer and they were all taking notes. I made a large salad, toasted some
bread and made spaghetti. I cooked a two pound package of spaghetti and two of the
sister missionaries were appalled that I would cook so much. I reminded them we were
feeding 6 men. That did not make any difference to them. It was too much. We ate
between sessions. The 4 sisters left before dinner was ready and came back later. In
the mean-time, the rest of ate. Those 6 men and me ate all the spaghetti. When the
Sisters came back they were flabbergasted there was no spaghetti left. I offered to
cook some noodles for them and 3 of them said "no". One was hungry and said "yes". I
cooked her some noodles and she filled her plate leaving a cup of noodles left in the pot
and those 3 sisters fought over them. As they were squabbling over the noodles the
Sister who said "yes" filled her plate with salad and the left over bread. The whole
thing was so comical. I did feed those 3 sisters.

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