Monday, July 10, 2017

Thursday June 1, 2017

Coffee beans or as they call them in Africa "coffee cherries". We went to Kenema to

attend the monthly WASH meeting and there were several places drying coffee cherries

and cocoa beans along the side of the road. I stopped at one place and was told they

would not sell me coffee beans or cocoa beans because they only do export. They took

me next door and told the proprietor I wanted to buy just a handful. He told me he

would not sell me any but he would give them to me as "a gift". We got to talking and he

told me he had visited New York in the states. He told me he went to Dunkin Donuts and

they were serving 4 different flavors of coffee and one of them was made from this kind

of a "cherry". He was so proud of that. The picture below this one are the cocoa beans.

He said all I have to do is to let them dry in the sun for a couple more days then I can

grind them into a powder and I would have unsweetened cocoa powder. I might do that,

but I really want to put them in a jar with a ribbon around the top and put them on my

counter to look at. He thought that was pretty funny. I want to give Sister Miner and

Sister Clawson some as well. See entry for March 8th to see a coffee tree.

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