Monday, July 10, 2017

Thursday June 8, 2017

While going down the mountainside to check on the progress at

Boundary one, Don slipped on wet pebbles and his feet flew out from

under him. He fell backward bracing himself with his hands and was

very glad he did not break his wrists. All our projects that Samuel

Samba is the contractor of are doing great. We are very pleased and

the communities are beyond excited and grateful. We have many

communities who see what we are doing for others that they want us

to help them as well. We have used up our budget for 2017 and are

working up the paperwork for additional projects to pass on to the

couple that comes here in November to replace us. They will get a new

budget in January and will have many projects to choose from that all

they will have to do is make visits to the sites, meet the people and

submit the project to Accra, Ghana, for approval. When we came here,

we re-opened the mission after it had been closed for 15 months due to

Ebola. So, we had to start from scratch.


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