Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The 3rd borehole attempt at Kobba Farm has produced enough water
to produce a 6- gallon-a-minute recharge rate. We are so excited. This
is going to bring water to as many as 2,000 people who are now
fetching all their water for everything out of a dirty contaminated
stream. They will now have clean drinking water.
Evil has appeared at two of our other work sites. We are wanting to
close down those work sites but feel we must push forward for the
innocent people who are suffering for water and sanitation. Don is
over at one of those sites this morning dealing with the wickedness.
Don went for a run this morning and ran for two hours. Going up a
mountain trail, a man hollered to him and wanted to talk. Don could
not understand him and it finally occurred to him what the man was
saying. It sounded like he was saying "do you want to blue a chair". He
repeated himself a couple of times and then Don realized what he was
saying". He was saying blow not blue. So his sentence was "do you
want to blow a chair". He was asking Don if he wanted to sit in a chair
and blow or "catch his breath".
Don went to Mende Well to check out the work. It is going very well.
The capture box is built and the concrete is drying. The lid has not been
put on yet. The people were asked to not walk on the top of the
concrete wall and have debris from their shoes fall into the water and
contaminate it. Everyone was doing that except one young woman.
She was on her 4th trip of the day to fetch water and each time she
walked on the top of the concrete wall. The people told her each time
not to do that. She didn't listen. On the last trip a young man was so
angry, he knocked the full jeri can off her head. That made her mad
and they got into an argument which lead to physical violence. The
young man was on top of the young woman slapping her with an open
hand. Don went over and separated them and told the young woman
to put the can back on her head and leave. They continued to yell at
each other and again got into a fist fight. This time grandma appeared.
Don says she was a stocky woman who had muscles upon muscles from
years of fetching water and doing hard work. She grabbed the young
man and told him he was not allowed to hit a woman "it's the law".
(REALLY! There is law like that here where the men pride themselves
on how many times a week they beat their wives?). The young man
slapped the grandma and she slapped him back. He grabbed grandma
and was bringing her to him and she gave him a head butt right in the
mouth. At this point, several men joined in the ruckus, broke up the
fight and grandma and the young girl trotted off. Don was pleasantly
amazed at the strength and clear thought of grandma.

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