Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday may 20, 2017

We are in Makeni for the weekend. Tomorrow Makeni will be made

into a District. We had leadership training this morning for all the

leaders in the 3 Branches that are here. There is a lot of excitement

about becoming a District. This evening we had our 8 young

Missionaries over for dinner and then a district meeting. President and

sister Clawson arrived on Friday shortly after we did and we had a taco

dinner and spent the evening together. That was sweet. Tonight they

shared with the missionaries the things they learned in Ghana from

their Mission President's training they attended last month. They also

told us that the Kissy District (in Freetown) is going to be made a Stake

on June 18th, the Freetown Stake is going to be split into two Stakes

before the end of the year and there are two other districts getting real

close to becoming a Stake. By this time next year there will be 5 Stakes

in Sierra Leone. Right now we have one. Our full compliment of

Missionaries is 160. We are currently at 133. We will reach 160 in

September. President Clawson has requested 50 additional

Missionaries bringing our full compliment up to 210. The reason for

this is that it was discovered that there are some self-established home

groups in the outer provinces. There is one that has 4 members and

their average attendance at their Sunday meetings is 78. This particular

group is 4 hours north of our closest district that can support them.

There are also two other groups within 10 miles of each other that

didn't even know the other one existed and these groups are south of

Kenema. Kenema is 4 hours from Freetown. The growth of the Church

in West Africa is phenomenal!

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