Monday, July 10, 2017

Thursday April 27, 2017

Independence Day for Sierra Leone. They became independent from the British colony

on April 27, 1961.

I had a quiet day doing the things I enjoy doing by myself. Don had a "murphy's law

day" and is quite agitated. Living in this compound is so draining. Everyone relies on

Don to solve all the problems. He has been very frustrated with Africell, our one and

only security guard that is left because he is always drunk and is not mechanically

inclined and he is in charge of the generator. He messes the thing up all the time and

Don is constantly fixing it. Tonight Africell came after dark to start the generator and he

was drunk and couldn't get it started. He asked Don to get his truck and jump start the

battery on the generator which happens multiple times every week. Africell has been

given money on several occasions by Sahr Doe to buy a new battery and we keep

having this problem. Don says the batteries Africell is buying are old used ones and/or

batteries that are cheap and don't work well. Tonight Don was out-of-sorts from all

the other things he had to fix today that this just pushed him over the limit and he

yelled at Africell. Africell was so hurt and Don, as Leo would say: "popped his cork".

Brother Doe fired Africell.

The back of my knee is tender. The front of the knee just below the knee cap is tender

when I walk down hill.

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