Monday, July 10, 2017

Tuesday may 2, 2017

We picked the Gredings up at 9:30 and headed out. We went to the office and Sister

Greding and I stayed at the office while Don and Elder Greding took Okada's

(motorcycles) up to the Mende Well. We are deconstructing an old poorly constructed

spring box and the work is going well. Elder Greding met our contractor, Samuel

Samba. Then the men joined Sister Greding and me and we went Down-the-Hole. It is

a very long, steep, and treacherous descent. The Gredings were very impressed with

our accomplishment and with the way the community is collecting money for the

water, their bank account, the way they are transparent with the community and with

us. Elder Greding asked who our contractor was on this project and Don told him,

Samuel Samba. After spending quite a while at this site, we hiked back up this

mountain. Sister Greding said this hike was similar to "tarantula mountain" in california

that she hikes but tarantula mountain is only 1/3 of the distance as Down-the-Hole".

She found this hike almost unbearable. Then we drove to Leicester/Glouster where we

have a huge capture box being built and were able to just drive to it. Samuel Samba

was there working with his men. Elder Greding was pleased with this project and it's

construction. From here we went to the Dwarzak Tank and that is another long uphill

hike. Not terribly steep with some nice flat parts to hike on. From here, we called it a

day and dropped the Gredings off at the hotel and went to the mission office to check

our e-mails and to pick up vivian to take him home. But, he left with Ali Kargbo and we

did not have to take him home. We stopped at a roadside stand and bought fruits and

vegetables. We are so tired. Don is actually grouchy.

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