Monday, July 10, 2017

Saturday June 10, 2017

Vickie Cantrill's Birthday - Don's Sister.

Don spent the day doing a service for Saidu Thoronka. He is having a

house built and Don worked alongside the natives in building a

foundation. He says he carried over 50 headpans of sand and granite.

The young natives carry the headpans over their heads with their arms

extended straight up. These headpans, filled, weigh over 50 lbs each.

Don was not able to lift the pans over his head. He could only get them

waist high so he carried them in front of him. The natives thought he

was so funny and made great light of him. Of course, he is also 50 years

older than most of them. On one of his return trips to get another

headpan full, Don was walking behind a young man who had ear-buds

in and was dancing to music. When the young man realized Don was

behind him, Don started mimicking the young man's dance. Oh that

tickled the young man and he began dancing with Don. The two of

them put on quite a show and brought more laughter and delight to the

hard-working men. Don bought the men fish and sausages (hot dogs)

for lunch. Don really has a fun personality. Many people here love

him - but what can I say - I do, too.

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