Monday, July 10, 2017

Sunday June 4, 2017

Several women left church today sad. Part of the culture here in Sierra

Leone is to give your children to someone else to raise. I cannot tell

you how amazed I am to learn of the vast amount of child swapping. I

may give my baby to someone else to raise but yet take someone else's

to raise. There are some legitimate taking in of other peoples' children

such as the parents die. That is understandable. The child swapping

escapes my understanding. In Sunday School, the lesson was on

Temples and the reason for them. A discussion came up about who can

be sealed to whom. The teacher had no idea and asked me. The

question was asked "if I take in a child and raise it as my own, can that

child be sealed to me?". I explained that children had to be sealed to

their own parents unless the parents give up their parental rights and

give permission for you to legally adopt them. This cut to the heart of

at least one Sister. Another Sister asked, "Can I have my grandchildren

sealed to me?". Again, I explained that children are sealed to their own

parents. That if your child is not sealed to you then your grandchildren

will not be sealed to you either. But if your child is sealed to you then

their children are sealed to you. You are linked together. More Sisters

saddened. There were a couple of more questions but I can't

remember them. There were no questions about parents being sealed

together. It was all about the children. I, myself, was in tears. I don't

understand this culture and I don't know how God will help these good

women, who love with all of their heart, not have these children as part

of their immediate family. I am sure He has a plan and they will be


Sunday, June 4, 2017 2:16 PM

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