Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 12 2016 - Porcupine for supper?

OH NO! Brother Thomas called to inform us the price of gas has gone up 86% from yesterday. We are now going to have to pay 6,000 Leones per liter! The people cannot afford this. This means everything is going to cost more. Many people are now only eating one meal a day and that is mostly a cup of rice. About a month ago rice went up from 150,000 Leones for a 50# bag of rice to 220,000 Leones. The people are having a very difficult time managing with this high cost. Now rice is going to go even higher.

I went over to the Doe's outdoor kitchen looking for Geneba and Michaella was there with Aminetta and Souley and Michaella had some very black meat in her hands. It looked like a leg and thigh from a chicken except bigger than a chicken and the foot was a paw instead of a 3-toed foot. She was waving them around like a flag. I asked her what they were. She looked at Aminetta and Souley and they all agreed they did not know the English word. But they called it something in Kreo and said it was smoked. Later when I was with Geneba, I described to her the meat and asked her what it was. She laughed and said she had seen it earlier and smelled it and it was bush-meat - porcupine. They were going to pick the meat off the bone and put it in with their rice and cassava leaves.

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