Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 18, 2016

Got a contact for a professional American psychiatrist and e-mailed it to the woman I met with last night.

We are scrambling trying to get some projects in before the end of the year. We have unused budget and the Church is requesting we use it. We received approval yesterday to provide a hand-dug borehole at the five-five school in Waterloo, we have submitted a project of a hand-dug borehole at Treeplanting, are going to put in a request for a springbox and Milla tank at "Down the Hole" which is in lower Treeplanting, are going to build a diversion wall around a springbox that in the rainy season is covered with trash and sewer from down-the-mountain run-off that washes over the springbox in Dwarzak Farm, and we are building a small bridge in Kenema (which is a very interesting project. This is a first for the Church in West Africa. There has been a lot of consulting with professional bridge people. All the men involved, are excited about this project). The City of Kenema has requested tables and benches for 65 schools. Don asked me take this project. I will start on it next Tuesday when we get back into the office. We have a list of about 12 other projects that have been put on hold until we can catch up with ourselves. We meet with a lot of people requesting help, with contractors, politicians, community people and individuals who just want some relief in their community. If the project benefits a community of people, we explore the options. If it only benefits a person or a family the answer is always "no". We have lots of meetings. We also visit the site of a project several times before starting work then several times during the work and at the end of the project. Then we have a "turnover ceremony" where we turn over the project to the community for them to watch over and take care of. We are quite busy. Time is going so fast, every other day feels like Sunday.

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