Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 23, 2016

Walked to the Makama Branch for church today. It is about 100 yards away.

 We were asked to bear our testimonies. This branch felt so good. Sacrament was done right, Sunday School was done right, Relief Society was done right, Elder's Quorum was done right. It felt like home.

I want to record something from our Sunday School lesson today that has a lot of meaning to Don and me: "President Joseph Fielding Smith said: 'Every person who embraces the gospel becomes of the house of Israel. In other words, they become members of the chosen lineage, or Abraham's children through Isaac and Jacob unto whom the promises were made. The great majority of those who become members of the Church are literal descendants of Abraham through Ephraim, son of Joseph. Those who are not literal descendants of Abraham and Israel must become such, and when they are baptized and confirmed they are grafted into the tree and are entitled to all the rights and privileges as heirs."'

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