Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 22, 2016 - Dad, the forever salesman

8 Months ago we began our mission.
Don had a very frustrating day. We have a well here at our apartment in Makeni that pumps water into a 3,000 liter Milla Tank. When he turned on the spigot to fill the tank the pump was pumping but the tank was not being filled. He called our landlord, Sahr Doe and he sent Mr. Davis out to see what the matter was. Mr. Davis was the plumber who did the plumbing. Mr. Davis, Don and Brother Jones decided that the pipe was too big for the pump and the pump could not put out enough pressure to get that much water all the way up to the tank. Then, the electrical work is thoroughly messed up so Don called Sahr Doe again and explained the problem. Sahr Doe sent out an electrician. Mr. Davis and the electrician had to take a taxi 3 hours one way, do their work, and go back to Freetown. Now that's a day! Don hauled Mr. Davis and the electrician all over the place getting parts and whatever.

 Makeni is known for its sudden windstorms. We had a severe one this afternoon. All of a sudden there was an horrific wind and things were flying through the air. People selling things in the open markets and outside of their storefronts lose a lot of merchandise. This is the first wind storm I have seen here.

Don and I went shopping early this morning and we had a good laugh. At one of the Lebanese grocery stores they were selling cans of De-icer. When we got to the checkout stand, Don asked the manager if he would sell him the one and only yellow mop bucket that has the squeeze handle for less than the asking price. The manager asked Don what he wanted to pay for it. It had a price of 370,000 Leones. Don told him 170,000. The man said no 250,000. Don said no 170,000. The man said "OK, I will make up the difference". I blurted out "out of your own pocket?" Don grabbed my arm and pulled me aside and told the man "it's a deal". I was appalled. I told the man that this store was now the store I was going to do my grocery shopping. He smiled so proud of himself and said, "I am a good business man".

 Don later told me he had the same discussion the other day with the owner and the owner told him he paid 250,000 for it and would not go below that amount.

President and Sister Clawson came for dinner tonight and stayed overnight. This was the first time they have seen the apartment from the inside. They were amazed. Sister Clawson has a degree in interior design and she designed the complex and the contractors made everything to her specifications. She made it something "western" couples would want to live in.

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