Tuesday, November 8, 2016

October 27th, 2016

We picked Brother Buah up at 8:30 and went to the Mission Office for a meeting with President Clawson. We discussed many things about humanitarian efforts here in Sierra Leone but, also, Brother Buah has been assigned to do welfare training in every stake and district and unit in West Africa. He has been given 2 years to accomplish this but has completed it in 1 year with Sierra Leone being his last stop. He is going to train Freetown Stake on Saturday morning, Kissy district Saturday afternoon, and Kossoh Town on Sunday Afternoon. It is a 3 hour training. He is training Don to train the 3 districts out in Kenema, Bo and Makeni. These 3 areas do not have district presidents but are under the stewardship of President Clawson.

At 10:30 we had a meeting with BioFil. We wanted Brother Buah to meet with these men because we are going "outside the box" on this project and really would like to know if this is something the Church would approve of. BioFil is a company that builds toilets and uses digesters. We want to build a 14-stall toilet at the bus stop in Wellington but we want it to have 2 handicap stalls and a stall large enough for a pregnant woman or women with children. There will be a very small fee collected to use the toilet. There will be a care taker to collect the money and to keep the toilets clean. He will be paid from the collection. The rest of the money will go into a savings account and when enough money is collected, BioFil will build another facility somewhere else. They will continue to do that to increase sanitation facilities throughout the Freetown area. We are asking BioFil to pay for 30% of the project and LDS Charities will pay 70%. BioFill wants this to be a business for them. The Church does not support businesses. There are many more details and we ran them all by Brother Buah. He asked many questions and told us to submit the project. He is only one of the 4 people to approve a project. But he did not tell us "no". We will submit it next week when we are back in the office. After this meeting,

Don, Brother Buah, and Brother Thomas, our site manager, walked up to Bellair Park to view our completed project up there. While they did that, I made lunch. When they came back we ate lunch and then headed to Hilltop and Boundry #1 At Hilltop, we hiked down about 1/2 mile (very steep) and viewed two areas that water is flowing out of the ground at a very fast rate and is basically running off. We want to build 2 spring boxes to capture the water and create fetching points. Then we went to Boundry #1 and hiked down about a mile that was also steep and full of rolling stones (not a fun hike). In this area we want to put in 3 spring boxes with a 10,000 liter Milla Tank between two to capture water. These two areas have a lot of water that is just flowing down to the ocean because they have no way to capture the water.

We were all very tired and we dropped Brother Buah off at his hotel and we headed home.

 Stopped at the grocery store and then stopped and ate at our favorite chicken place (they say they are comparable to KFC. That depends on who you ask).

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