Tuesday, November 22, 2016

November 8 2016

At about 1:00 we packed up and was leaving Makeni to go back to Grafton. As we were going down main street there was a bus pulled off to the side and was loading and unloading people. I saw a man stoop down as if he were looking under the bus and then he fell over and had a grand-mall seizure right on the road and people were walking past him and looking at him and cars and ocatas were swerving around him. I was terrified for him. He was laying on a very hot, black, hardtop road and there was a lot of traffic. Don stopped and I jumped out and directed traffic around him. I asked the people on the bus if anyone had a towel, blanket, anything we could use to put under him and no one did. Because I was there many people started gathering around to see what was going on. The man had a huge gaping tear from the corner of his mouth to his cheek and big chunks out of his knuckles. There is nothing you can do for someone in a seizure except protect them. Once they come out of it all they want to do is sleep. When this man came out of it that is exactly what he wanted to do. I asked the people around if he was a passenger on the bus and they told me he was a local. I suggested picking him up and laying him under a tree to sleep. A man on the bus said, "look at this place, he will not be safe". Don asked some of the men standing around to help the man to our truck. 3 men picked him up and tossed him up to the edge of the truck like you would pick up a dead body and throw them on a pile of dead bodies on a cart. I was appalled! But once they got him on the edge of the truck, they gently lowered him into the bed. He woke up and started to fight, he had no idea what was happening to him. The 3 men jumped into the truck and held him down. He was so tired he could not fight long. We took him to our compound where we have a security guard 24/7 plus Bishop Marcus was there building a shed for our generator. The 3 men who came with us got the man out of the truck and tried to get him to walk up 2 steps but he was so tired he just passed out. Bishop Marcus had a big piece of cardboard and he put that in the shade on the porch, Don got a pillow, I got some cool wet towels and the 3 men carried him onto the porch. There was a breeze. We left him some water and Bishop Marcus said he would get him something to eat at the market. He slept for two hours, ate, drank, and rested a while longer before leaving.

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