Monday, July 25, 2016

July 10, 2016

We went to church in Ebohtown today. It was General Conference for us. The showed the Sunday Morning session from the April conference. It was so good. I actually got tears in my eyes when I heard President Eyring begin to speak. It has been so long since I heard a talk in church that I actually understood. The Ebohtown chapel is high on a hill overlooking the landscape that slopes down to the ocean. It was a beautiful sight. We were sitting by a window and could see clearly the coast of Africa and all the houses on the hillside. It was a clear sunshiny day.

 District President Sesay asked Don to come to church at Ebohtown today to help him with an ecclesiastical issue. This is the same one they dealt with 6 weeks ago. It has escalated. President Sesay had an emergency with his 11 year old daughter and had to leave the meeting leaving Don to deal with the situation. This isn't his first go around on an issue like this for Don and he knew exactly what to do. Of course, he did not assume any authority, he was just a mediator

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