Monday, July 25, 2016

July 20, 2016

Don took Brother Doe to P.T. Today to meet Sampson the therapist. Augustine, Mr. Davis and John went with them. They were all very impressed with Sampson. Sampson worked on Sahr's right hand and got it so he can actually turn his hand over in both directions and he can lift his arm higher. Brother Doe was Amazed. So was everyone else. Sahr was so impressed with Sampson he had Mr. Davis call him to "come". Sampson came over and brought some of his tools. He worked on Sahr for about 45 minutes massaging his feet and legs with his tools. Sahr's legs got to the point they were jerking and at one point his left leg gave a good kick. There were about 8 people there and a whoop when up! When we got to our apt. Don told me not to put too much trust in the jerking. He then called Adrianne and asked her if the jerking was just a natural response or if the brain actually sent out signals to make the legs jerk. Adrianne said there had to be brain connection for the legs to jerk. We are encouraged. Sampson is a man who treats the whole soul. Meaning, he treats spiritually as well as physically. He told Sahr to believe in Jesus because only Jesus can heal. Sampson is an awesome human being. Augustine worked for 36 hours and then went home last night. John and mr. Davis took turns staying up all night watching over Sahr and turning him. They are such loyal employees.

Ocata driver throws woman from bike. We were on our way home from the office and we came to a round-about and as we were going around it a police officer with a helmet on and a baton in his hand non-chalantly crossed the road in front of us. He suddenly took off running. I turned my head in the direction he was running and saw an Ocada driver (motorcycle taxi driver) throw his passenger from his bike and he sped off with the police officer running after him. That poor woman bounced off the ditches concrete wall and bounced onto the ground. There was nothing soft or graceful about her fall. She had to have been hurt.

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