Monday, July 25, 2016

July 18, 2016

Spending the day getting ready for Sahr to come home tomorrow. His wife, Fiema, said this morning they are packed and ready. They are anxious to get home and everyone here is very excited to have them come home. Don, John and I went to Wellington to get some tools so the men can take the beds apart that are in the house Sahr will be in. Then we stopped at the grocery store to get him some, skim milk (which we forgot), cranberry juice (which we were surprised we were able to get), some bottled water, thermometer (which they did not have), hand sanitizer, hand soap, tissues, the following which they did not have: latex gloves and alcohol wipes. Don and Mr. Davis are going shopping in downtown Freetown this afternoon to find a shower curtain and a rod. John says they have a medical store downtown that may have these things. So Don and Mr. Davis are going to try and find the place.

I found sour cream (not something you can usually get here) this morning at the Grocery store so I am going to make some potato soup for supper. (Yikes! That soup was nasty. What they labeled 'sour cream' was sour yogurt!)

I also found a very small bag of chocolate chips, probably 1/2 cup, at St. Mary's and they wanted $8.00 for it. Most of the bags were a mass of melted chips that got hard again. But, you can get candy bars here. I don't know why I couldn't buy a big chocolate candy bar and chip it up. I can certainly try. Worse that would happen would be the chocolate has something in it that would prevent it from working well in your recipe.

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