Monday, July 25, 2016

July 17, 2016 - Happy Birthday Elena!

Today is Elena's 7th birthday.

We went for a walk and had 6 children join us. They were so sweet. I finally had to tell them to "go home" because we were getting a long way from where they joined us.

Elder Samchee came over to return my cookie sheet. I made the missionaries a pan of brownies yesterday and Elder Samchee said they ate them all at once. Elder Samchee sat and visited with us for a while. He got to laughing about his companion. Elder Samchee is from Ghana and they speak TWI (pronounced "tree")and his companion is from Nigeria and they speak IBO (pronounced "Ebo"). They have the same word in both languages that have different meanings. As they were teaching, his companion told the investigators that he was going to read from the Akok (a backward c) nsa. Elder Samchee burst out laughing. In Nigeria that word means bible and in Ghana it means chicken foot.

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