Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 27, 2016

We stopped over at the police station here in Kenema before going to our WASH meeting. They are asking us to put a well in in their compound. They have between 200 and 300 prisoners plus all the police officers and staff and they have no water on their facility. They have to buy their water off the street. Can you imagine that many people and no available water? Can you imagine the conditions the prisoners are living in? Jonathan Cobinah was with us and he said that the prisoners do not have beds to sleep on. They sleep on the cold concrete floor. The prison is overcrowded and was never meant to have that many prisoners in it.

We attended a WASH (water and sanitation) meeting today. This is a meeting where all the NGO's in the area get together and share what they are doing so we can help and support each other to make sure we are not duplicating efforts in the same areas and to help the African people to have much needed basic necessities. Oh My Goodness! It was so refreshing. It was the exact opposite of the one attended in June in Freetown. This was a real meeting that accomplished exactly what it was suppose to. We got a real education and are so excited about what we can accomplish with help from other NGO's.

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