Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 23, 2016

While having prayer this morning, Don mentioned now that Brother Doe is back and running his own affairs and is surrounded by all his loyal employees, that he is gently being pushed out of the scene (which is a comforting feeling for him. He is so tired of handling all the problems and paying all the bills). It was less than 10 minutes later when Elder Samchee appeared at our door saying Brother Doe wanted to see Elder Carley. Don went over and Brother Doe asked him to take care of something for him. Brother Doe received two visitors this morning from the material supply store (lumber yard) where Brother Doe gets most of his building supplies. They heard Brother Doe was back and came to ask him if he sent Victor and Abduli to represent him while Brother Doe was away. He had not and was quite upset that these two men used his name and told the Labanese men they represented him. Fortunately, the Lebanese men doubted Victor and Abduli and did not sell them anything under Sahr's name. However, Sahr wants Don to visit Victor and let him know that he was never authorized to do business under his name and the two of them are done doing business together. Victor is a very poor electrician. He and Don had a run in before. Victor was suppose to fix the electrical problem at the Grafton Branch and Don was there when he was fixing it. Don saw that he was doing something with bare wires and was shoving them into the wall. He told Victor he was creating a fire hazard and the two of them went round and round. Don insisted the work be done correctly. Back to today. After Don talked with Brother Doe, he went to see Victor. He took John with him since he did not know where Victor lived. Victor was not home. He will try again.

We went to the sea bird to pick up the Gredings. They are a really nice couple. They live in California and are the Water Specialists for the church. They are live-at-home missionaries and are assigned to Sierra Leone. They come here 3 times a year. I am not sure but I think how this works is they are the major initiative couple. Meaning any project over $25,000 USD is paid for and monitored by Salt Lake City. We will know more on Monday. We have two other NGO's we have set up meetings with us and the Gredings on Monday morning. We are going to coordinate how we can help each other. Then the Gredings are going to Bo and Kenema on Tuesday for 10 days. Don wants to follow them and stay for 3 days to learn as much as we can from them.

Brother Doe has the beginnings of a rash on his rear. Don is having Adrianne talk to the nurse and Sister Doe at this very minute. We talked to Adrianne earlier and got her recommendation and stopped at the store on our way back from picking up the Gredings and picked up some Zinc Oxide. Sounds simple, but there is more to it than applying an ointment. There are sitting instructions, changing position instructions, equipment instructions, clothing instructions, etc. Bed sores are dangerous. Infection can set in and kill a person as fragile as Brother Doe.

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