Monday, July 25, 2016

July 12, 2016

I turned on the light in the kitchen and saw a white lizard crawl up the wall and over the top of the cupboards. I was told that the white lizards are "geckos" and they have a poisonous spit that they spray on food that will make you sick if you eat it.

 We have cockroaches in the kitchen and I keep them under control by applying a mixture of sugar and baking soda and sprinkling it on the counters. (Thursday -the last 3 days the baking soda and sugar has been gone in the morning. The gecko must be eating it).

While leaving for the office this morning we met the Nigerian missionaries in our yard collecting silver dollar-size snails for their breakfast.

I spent the afternoon in Sister Clawson's office helping her organize some of her paperwork and files. I just love Sister Clawson. She is so down to earth and she is so positive. She is a joy to be around. We are becoming good friends.

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