Friday, July 8, 2016

July 3, 2016

I made red, white, and blue deviled eggs to take to the mission office tomorrow. Our 4th of July celebration will be "small small" but it will be commemorated. "Small small" is an African term that means a variety of things but mostly it means Just a little, a little bit, minor, easy, gentle, slow etc.

I went to church at the PVA today and Don went with the missionaries to Kossoh Town. Don came to pick me up at the PVA and was met by a man who said to him, "We don't want to be like one of the nine lepers who Christ healed. We want to be like the one who came back and thanked Christ for healing him." He then profusely thanked Don for the new roof on his home. The beginning of the rainy season is upon us and he has a dry home. The Church is doing a great work here in Africa. Thank you to all those who contribute to the humanitarian fund.

We had an awesome quote in our Sunday square from the Soden family. It was from Cholena and it reads "Go out and preach the Gospel. If necessary. . . Use words". Neal A. Maxwell.

 And Eric asked the question: Do you have air conditioning? Yes, we do have air conditioning. The church takes very good care of us. We have a/c in our apartment (when the generator is on which is only during the times we are home) and we have a/c in our church truck that we drive and when we work in the office at the mission home we have a/c. Being the humanitarian couple, we are out quite a bit, but it sure is nice to get into a vehicle that has a/c. We only have electricity when the generator is on. So the refrigerator and freezer have limited abilities. But, we are so grateful to have a refrigerator. We have a washer and dryer that don't work but we are grateful to have a washer and dryer. We have limited water, but we are so grateful to have water. The rainy season is upon us so the hand-dug wells and boreholes are beginning to recharge.

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