Monday, July 25, 2016

July 14, 2016 - dad is arm wrestling again

Don had to bring the Campbell's in to the office this morning and he and Mr. Davis were going to do some electrical shopping in downtown Freetown. I called Sister Clawson and asked if I could spend the day in her office today. She was thrilled. So that is what I did. I did odd jobs for her. Don came back to the office at 5:00 to get me. He said that Michaella's last day of school is tomorrow and they are having a "bring and share" day (Potluck). She wants to make chicken and chips. Of course she told Geneba that at 4:00 and it was too late to go and buy a chicken and dress it and make chicken and the chips are French fries and they had no potatoes. Geneba was not happy to be put on the spot like this. Don gave Michaella 4 chicken breasts from my freezer and 4 potatoes under the condition she tell me about it and offer to pay me. Of course she has no money so we will see what she does. 

While Don was shopping down town with Mr. Davis, they were in the electrical supply "store". They found the 2 circuit breakers they need and the Lebanese man wanted 50,000 Leones ($8.00) for them. Don told him that was too much and offered 40,000 Leones. The man said "NO, 50,000". Don then told the man he would arm wrestle him for them. If he won he would get them for 40,000 Leones. The Lebanese man looked at Don and said, "If I win, they are 60,000 Leones". This got everyone in the place excited and they all gathered around. The 25 year old Lebanese man stared hard into Don's eyes and they gripped each other's hand. The battle of the Titan commenced on the glass counter top. Don asked who was going to say go? While they were debating it Don said, "go" and their hands and arms became rigid. The first 5 seconds was a complete draw. But by the end of the 15th second Don had the Lebanese man's fist on the counter. There was a whoop and a holler and a joyful noise. Don got the 2 circuit breakers for 40,000 Leones ($6.75 for both). This is what builds fun and trust. (And yes, he ripped up his shoulder but according to him "it was worth it")

Thievery is common here and you have to protect yourself at all times. You keep one hand on your purse/fanny pack/wallet at all times and your cell phone in a zippered pocket. The thieves usually work in pairs while one bumps you the other gets your phone, wallet, purse, whatever they think is valuable. While Don was walking downtown he had his right hand on his fanny pack and a man came up to him and grabbed Don's right forearm. A quick reaction from Don landed a fist into the man's chest. His reaction was "oh that was fun" as he jumped around laughing. At this point, Don realized the man was not a thief but just crazy.

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