Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 11, 2016

We went with Sister Barney to the Hastings Maternity Hospital. Sister Barney gave 18 nurses a lesson on how to be nice to the patient. It was really interesting. Many women are beaten with a "cane" (a long hard stick) when the nurse thinks she is not pushing hard enough or she is not doing something the nurse thinks she should. They use the cane in schools to keep the kids in line. This afternoon we met with a councilman and the ward secretary (ward is an area within a section) of Dworzack who wants us to do a trash/sanitation project. The project they are asking is huge. This country is a waste basket. Everything is thrown on the ground. We have to do some research. Maybe we can find another NGO (nongovernment organization )or two to partner with. There has to be severe training before we will do a lot with the trash. However, we offered to build 4 trash collection points and two latrines (in America they would be equal to the rest stop bathrooms on the interstate except they will have toilets but no water. Water will have to be fetched in buckets and used to flush.)

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