Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 16, 2016

P-Day! Swept all the floors and cleaned 2 bathrooms. Don suggested we go for a ride and get ice cream. We invited the Miles to go with us. We went to the Wellington grocery store where they have ice cream on- a-stick in a freezer. Oh! It was so good. Ice cream is not plentiful here. On the way home we passed a restaurant that everyone says is so good. Restaurants are few and far between. So we stop. Brother Miles went in to see how busy they were and if they were serving. He came back out saying there is a national football game (soccer) on TV and no one is paying attention to anyone. Don went back in with him and they got someone's attention and they told them they have an outdoor eating area out back. They came and got Sister Miles and me and we went back behind the restaurant. There was a nice place to sit. A waitress came to our table and asked us what we wanted. Brother Miles said, "you have a menu?" "NO". We have chicken and chips one day and fish and chips the next day. Today is chicken & chips." So we all ordered chicken and chips. The kitchen was a typical African kitchen and when Don asked if he could see the kitchen(which was just over our shoulder) he was told no. They cook the chips (fries) in oil over some charcoal. They were very hot and quite tasty. The chicken was grilled earlier (hopefully that day) and was served room temperature. Mighty scrawny chicken. But it tasted good. No one got sick from it. When the waitress came back to see if we were ready to pay she asked if we wanted a receipt. Sister Miles said yes. She brought us a piece of cardboard torn off a box with 120,000 Le written on it. ($10.00 per person).

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