Monday, April 25, 2016

April 23, 2016

What a wonderful day. We went to the Tokeh Beach (The Place) Resort for a couple's retreat with President and Sister Clawson, our Mission President. It is only about an hour and 10 minutes away and it is a beautiful beach. They have chalets there you can rent overnight for $180 - $260 per night. President Clawson and his wife and the Miners stayed overnight. The rest of us, 4 couples, went down this morning. We went with the Miles and arrived at 10:45. We had about an hour to walk on the beach and wade in the "other side" of the Atlantic. The water was cool, the beach was clean, and our group was the only one there. It was so awesome. At Noon, we gathered at the veranda and had a very nice meal. I had shrimp in some kind of red sauce that was quite good and Spanish rice. Don had "The Place Burger" and fries and Cole slaw. It was also very good. The fish of the day was Baracuda. While we waited for our food, Sister Lauritzen gave us a short class on what we need to do when going into Wards and Branches when it comes to music. Sister Clawson ordered 50 keyboards and training materials for conducting the music and teaching the keyboard. I will be teaching people to conduct and play. Oh Boy! The Lord will be expanding my talents. The 50 keyboards will be given to people who earn them. There is a whole program for people to earn them. Right now most units have no keyboard of any kind. The people sing and they sing very loud. Most of them are converts from the Holy Rollers and they love to sing loud and everything that goes with it. After we ate our meal, we adjourned to a chalet and had the rest of our meeting. Oh my goodness! What an awesome meeting. We are rubbing shoulders with the cream of the Lord's Kingdom. Very spiritual, down-to-earth, humble, dedicated people with powerful testimonies.

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