Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 14, 2016

Another hike 2 miles down a steep mountainside and 10 miles back up. We went to Treeplanting to meet with the village counselor. We met with him two weeks ago and he was suppose to meet with the villagers and see what they all wanted most help with. He did meet with them and they determined they need a well as a first priority because they have people fetching water from a long way away plus the two existing wells are running dry. The second priority is a latrine to keep running raw sewage from polluting the stream everyone is now getting water from. We walked a long way down a long sloping path that they called a "road" to two locations they are proposing for a well. We chose a spot and Don is going to get a well man to come out and walk the "road" to see if we can get a rig down to the spot. He is also going to find a water-man to determine if there is water in this spot. We then went with Saidu to a different part of the mountain and walked down a very long way down a very steep incline to an existing well. People have to hike this trail several times a day to get water. I saw a 6 year old boy carrying a gallon-size bottle of water on his head and was toting another one in his hand. I saw an 8 year old girl with a 40# container full of water on her head and they were going up and down this mountain to supply water for their families. Even children as young as 3 and 4 fetch water - using containers much too big and heavy for their small bodies. I saw a woman with a big dishpan full to the brim with water on her head and she was carrying a 40# container full of water in one hand. All of them were walking up this very steep trail. The reason Saidu wanted us to see this well is so we would know what the people have to do to get water. This will be our first project if SLC approves. Yes, Carol, we took water with us this time and I wore my big Florida hat. Don wouldn't wear a hat so his head got sunburned. Not bad - just enough to continue his tan!

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