Sunday, April 24, 2016

March 30 & 31 2016

Worked in the office today and yesterday. Last night we went for a walk and ran into two very nice young men who wanted to walk with us. As we walked, they told us there was a hospital behind the doors of the compound which is just down the street from our compound. We walked in and met the caretaker and asked for an appointment for today. He set one up at 2:00. We arrived at 2:00 and the dr. Had just left. There were about 8 nurses all standing around on the porch of the maternity building so we asked if we could see the facility. They had a lot of really good expensive equipment and privacy for the patients. There was a woman there with her new born baby. The place was absolutely filthy, the building had no generator so no electricity and no water. So the equipment (incubators, warming tables, oxygen containers ect.) are not usable. Don says some of this equipment was broken and just sitting there. We left a note for the doctor to call us. When we talk to him, maybe we will get some clarification. (22 Apr - The dr. Never called)

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