Sunday, April 24, 2016

March 27, 2016 Easter

We spent the greater part of the week reading in Jesus The Christ in preparation for celebrating Easter. We went to church but it wasn't very satisfying. The people are so hard to understand and they don't have a sound system and they speak so softly you just can't hear. Sunday School and Relief Society is the same problem. We came home and took a nap and ate lunch and then continued reading in Jesus The Christ. We decided to go for a walk about 6:00 and the weather was beautiful. The sun was just beginning to go down and there was a breeze. It felt wonderful. We walked down to the Faith, Healing Church who was having a crusade and walked among the people. Of course everyone was staring at us because we were the only white people among thousands. We smiled, waved, asked people how they are, answered them when they asked how we are etc. At one point we came upon a pavilion full of children and some children were on a stage singing and dancing. Then the adults got all the children singing and dancing. Don and I were standing a ways away but some of the children saw us and a couple of them came to us and was talking to us. A few more children appeared and some more until we were surrounded , and more children were leaving the pavilion and coming to us. The adults were wanting them to return to the pavilion and they did not want to go. We were telling them they had to go back but they just wanted to touch us. The adults were coming for the children and they had switches in their hands so I told don if we can't get the children to go we should walk that way and they would follow us. And they did. We got them to the gate opening and Don walked in and I stood at the gate and tried to shoo the children in. Once one went in the others seemed to follow. A woman wanted Don to come in and say a few words. He turned down the invitation. We truly were intruding on their "crusade" - what we would call a revival. We walked back to our apartment and sat on the porch. I got to talk to Jennifer tonight.

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