Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 9, 2016

Don went out on a long run and had several interesting encounters. The one he is the most happy about is meeting the Sierra Leone National running team, coach and trainer. He got to shakes hands with the fastest 400 meter runner in Sierra Leone (Pastor Bowen). Don shared with them that he is 70 years old and has run over 60 marathons in 40 years. Their coach used that as a teaching moment to his runners the importance of building a base. The runners were amazed that a 70 year old could run a marathon. They had seen Don run up their training hill. Don says his run up the hill was as if he were standing still compared to their run up the hill. The life expectancy here is 45. A Tender mercy (an unexpected blessing from the Lord): While Don was running a little child about 6 yrs old (reminded him of Isabelle) came up beside him and ran with him for a few minutes. She had a sucker in one hand and looked up at him with beautiful happy eyes. Her beautiful eyes is what he concentrates on to get the picture of the dead eyes out of his head. He is quite emotional still over the whole experience. He says "I was obedient". The still small voice instructed him to get the truck and take the injured little girl to the hospital. (See entry April 7) A

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