Sunday, April 24, 2016

March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's day!. That doesn't mean anything in Africa. We got up at 5:00 a.m. To get ready to meet Brother Sahr Doe at 6:00 a.m. Brother Doe is the contractor building the couple's apartment in Makeni. We went with him and showed him where the light switches and plug ins should go. They are building a duplex and it will be very nice. The bank we want to use is actually right beside where our apartment will be. There are very few cars but a whole lot of motorcycles. It is a much better fit for us. Brother Doe says the majority of the NGO (non-government organizations ) are in Makeni. So that is great. We met a man there that just opened a school and is looking for some help. Don put him off until June. He needs to check him out. He feels there is an anterior motive. On the way back to Grafton, we stopped for gas. Don got out with a handful of money and we were swarmed by people begging for food. He turned around and handed me the money (I was in the car) and the people came around the car and had their faces plastered on the Windows and everywhere I looked people were pointing to their mouths. I had a sandwich in my bag I was going to give to someone but who Would that be? But I couldn't find the sandwich and just held my hands up to show I didn't have anything. But of course, they all saw that wad of money Don handed me. At the pump Don was just about taken for 6 liters of gas. He asked for $100,000 worth. Brother Doe stepped in and told the attendant "NO". In the car Brother Doe explained that the attendant did not clear the gas pump from the last person who put gas in their vehicle. They had put in 6 liters. He was going to start the pump at 6 liters instead at zero. Don said from now on he will get out of the vehicle first and make sure the gas pump is on zero before unlocking the gas cap. On the way back we also stopped at a road-side stand for Brother Doe to purchase some charcoal. They sell it in large bags with the tops covered with palm leaves and tied together. Brother Doe felt each bag which were about 4' tall by 2' around. He was feeling to make sure the bag was completely full of charcoal and not laced with palm leaves to give it a full figure. He turned some bags down. We are home early and for some reason we are hungry tonight. Brother Doe says there is a nice bakery close by and we are going to go check it out.

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