Sunday, April 24, 2016

March 16, 2016

Spent all day trying to get the 2 computers for humanitarian service going. What a
mess. Brand new computers and they put a password on it that no one knew. Good
grief - we wasted 2 days on this dumb thing. We stopped at 2 grocery stores tonight on
the way home. One was a Chinese store and the little African native girl was just as
cute as can be. She followed me around with a hand basket and kept a tight hold on it
as I shopped & Placed items in the basket. Once in a while she would say we have
noodles right here, and I was looking for noodles. She would say we have eggs and I
was looking for eggs. I was so surprised I asked her how she knew what I was looking
for. She giggled and said "I look at your list". There are so many people here that
cannot read, I assumed she couldn't read. My mistake. I told her I I liked her. She
giggled and her boss overheard me and said she was her best staff. We got a new
washer today. The one that was here when we got here didn't work. I was going to do
some hand washing tonight and take the rest in to Sister Barney's apartment on Friday.
Now I don't have to . Yeah!
March 16, 2016 - Wednesday

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