Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 12, 2016

A Tender mercy happened again today. We came home from the mission Home in Freetown and came down the only way we know to get to our apartment only to have the market road at the end where we need to turn with a huge ditch across it. They started rebuilding a very badly needed road and totally cut us off from the road we live on. For the first time since we have been here we had rain. Torrential rain. That on top of not being able to get home was a bit frustrating. Just then a head appeared at don's window telling us to let him in. This is a very common occurrence since most people walk because they have no transportation. We have a mission rule we cannot put anyone in our mission vehicle except missionaries. Don yelled thru the window to the man standing in the torrential rain we have rules we cannot let you in. He yelled "I am Sahr Doe's driver, I will show you how to get home". Sahr Doe was all we needed to hear. Brother Doe is our landlord as well as a counselor in the district presidency. We let him in and we had to go a way only a person who lives here would know. Very out of the way with gigantic potholes, a thing they call a bridge that was only a pad over a ditch with no side rails and only as wide as the tires on the car. Like Don said "I feel like I am driving through everyone's living room" plus we had to drive through the school play ground. But we so very grateful for the young man. He told us he was waiting for us so he could show us the way. Later when Don saw Brother Doe he thanked him for having his driver there. Brother Doe said he did not ask him to do that. He just did it on his own. What a blessing to us and what a very kind thing to do. God bless him.

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