Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dec 21, 2016 - pumpkin?

I brought the pumpkin with me. I cut it open and the inside of it was orange and it had
pumpkin seeds in it. The outside did not look like any kind of pumpkin I have ever seen.
It looked more like an elongated watermelon and was dark green. And this pumpkin
was not very stringy. After I baked it, I was able to pull the majority of the strings out. I
was pleased. At home, the pumpkins are so stringy that we have to pressure cooked
them to get the strings to dissolve. I was able to get 10 cups of pumpkin and I froze
them in baggies. However, I still am questioning if it is a pumpkin. After I baked it, I
tasted it and it tasted like a sweet potato. I put a little butter and some brown sugar on
it and it definitely tasted like a sweet potato. I took Don a bite and he just melted. It
was so good. He agreed it tasted like a sweet potato. So I made a sweet potato custard
and it was heavenly.

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