Wednesday, January 18, 2017

December 1 2016 - in a pigs eye

Oh good grief! Dr. Turley was suppose to bring the medication with him that deadens
the eye so they don't twitch while being operated on and he forgot it in the states. Of
course they called Don to solve the problem. Don gets on the phone and calls Accra
and asks to speak to the medical doctor that is a missionary for all of West Africa and
finds out he can get the medication and send it here overnight by DHL. That was
yesterday. Today the meds did not come. Don called DHL only to learn it will not come
until next Monday. UGH! What else can go wrong? Don went down to the hospital
where they are practicing doing surgery on pigs' eyes and they let him try to remove
the lens off an eye. His hands are so shaky he butchered the eye. He had so much fun.
We had dinner with Dr. Turley, Dr. Klingler , and John Sinclair who is the technician that
puts all the Ziess equipment together for the doctors. It was very interesting.

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