Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dec 7, 2016 - Don!

I could just wring Don's neck! He told me we were going to stop and pick up a
document on our way to the PVA where we were meeting contractors to look at doing
a sanitation project. It was going to require extensive walking so I wore jeans, a shirt
and hiking shoes. When we get to the place to pick up the document we needed, it
turned out to be a turn-over (closing ) ceremony for a sanitation project at the
Wellington Bus Stop. I was so embarrassed and angry with don. I was dressed
inappropriately, had not notified the PR people of the Church so they weren't there,
and I was not at all prepared. There were women in their best African attire and me in
jeans. Why he did not tell me about this I don't know. He says "I forgot". Well he
didn't forget about the document. After this ceremony we went to the PVA and we
located 7 sites where they want 48 toilets and will have 24 digesters. This will be a
huge project and will be very costly. We are going to write it up anyway because when
Brother Francis the head of the Department of Temporal Affairs of West Africa was
here in September and visited the PVA with us to see the results of our Roofing Project
and the Blacksmith shop, he was so impressed he asked us to see what other projects
we could do in this community. If we don't get SLC help financially with this project it
will have to be minimized or it will eat our whole budget for the year. We now have 18
projects waiting for us to start.

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