Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nov 22 2016

The vision equipment was taken out of customs and delivered to lConnought
John Buah asked us to submit the Bai Bureh Hospital request for an X-ray
machine and SLC is considering making it a major initiative, which means SLC will
pay for it and it does not come out of our budget. The machine will cost just at
$50,000. USD. They want us to submit it for 2016. That is glorious. We are so
excited about that.
The wellington Bus Stop 14-stall toilet project with handicap accessible toilets has
also been requested by SLC to be submitted for approval. We are working with a
private company who wants to build the toilets, collect money for usage and use
the money to build more toilets in Freetown. We have worked out a whole
finance program with the Church paying a big chunk of the money for the first
toilet with the private company paying a fair amount. On the 2nd toilet the role
is reversed wth the company paying the majority of the cost to build a facility and
the Church paying a small fraction. The third toilet and beyond will be at the cost
of the company. This is a huge deal. Sierra Leone is a country that has little
sanitation. We have stipulated all kinds of things to keep everything honest and
to have transparency. SLC is very interested in what we are doing and wants to
have us submit the project with all the details. If approved, this would also be a
major initiative.
Since our last turn-over ceremony (when Don was on the local news) we have
received quite a few requests for help with wells and spring boxes.There are too
many to do and we don't have enough budget. Don called Elder Greding, the well
expert in America, and asked him to take a look at what we have and asked him
to consider making it a major initiative. Elder Greding is very interested and has
asked us to Send him all the details.
We arrived safely in Kenema where we will spend the next few days, including
thanksgiving, where we will attend the Water and Sanitation meeting,. Why is
this a miracle. We traveled the same road where our Missionaries were in that
terrible accident in September. We are safe.
9 Months today in the mission field and 9 months to go. Many miracles happened

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