Wednesday, January 18, 2017

November 16 2016

OH MY! The phone lines are lighting up. The youth of Sierra Leone are planning on a violent protest on Thursday due to the price hikes in gas, food, water & communication.
They are warning everyone to stay off the roads from Thursday night to Monday Morning. If anyone is caught on the road, their vehicle will be set on fire and if the
government tries to stop the protest, they are threatening killing them and/or using
their families as human shields.
I was cleaning out a drawer at the mission home and I came across the following note. I
am copying it exactly the way it is written. Keep in mind, Kreo is the language most
people speak here so this note is well constructed for a Kreo-speaking person:
"Elder Holland!"
"I learn't from the scriptures that the obedient & faithful are always blessed in all
things. But I have always relize that in Africa both the obedient and disobedient one
suffered the same. Is it that we haven't met God expectation yet?"
I think this is a really good question. Jeffrey R. Holland Must have been here and had a
Q & A session with a group of people.

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