Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dec 22, 2016

Sister Clawson had two Christmas parties for the 100 missionaries we have. She had a
party on Tuesday for 64 Missionaries in the Freetown area and a 2nd party on Thursday
was for the Missionaries in the outlying areas. For each party she wanted to offer 7
desserts and the missionaries were allowed to choose 5. I made 4 different kinds of
fudge: chocolate, white chocolate with coconut, mint, and peanut butter. I found a big
block of semi-sweet chocolate at the Freetown Mall (lebanese Grocery Store). WHAT A
FIND! The parties were fun. Music, skits, videos, gifts, December birthdays celebrated
and lots of food. We received a beautiful key ring from President and Sister Clawson
that has the country of africa on it with Moroni in a 3-D in front of Africa with the
words, "Sierra leone Freetown Mission. Always remember Him" on the front and on
the backis the whole armor of God. It is colorful and beautiful. We also received a
beautiful card from the first Presidency.

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