Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Jan 8, 2017

Too ill to go to church. I am miserable. It is all in my throat.
Don went over to the PVA to visit with Saidu Thoronka who is our site manager at the
War Wounded Academy. While there, Saidu wanted Don to look at the building of the
new chapel the church is putting in there. Don was appalled at the sloppy work, the
poor quality of the concrete and the size seem to be quite small. He called President
Clawson to discuss this with him and learned that President Clawson was only 4 miles
away and would be driving right pass the PVA. When he arrived they both agreed
things were not done right. President Clawson said that the bid they accepted from the
contractor had plenty of money in it so they would not have to scrimp or cut corners.
President Clawson is not happy with this and will follow up with FM tomorrow.
Don went over to talk to Sahr Doe and came back quite excited. He was able to Home
Teach them plus he learned that Brother Doe has been giving counsel to a woman who
was in a vehicle accident on the road to Bo and has the exact same injury Sahr has. Her
accident happened about 6 weeks ago. Her husband came to visit Sahr and was happily
encouraged to see the progress Sahr has made. He assumed his wife would be a
paraplegic the rest of her life. He was thrilled Sahr could sit up and has small
movements of his thumb and index finger. Maybe this is the path the Lord has for Sahr
to follow.

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