Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dec 27, 2016

We packed up this morning and headed for our apartment in Grafton. I was driving and
was going about 60 MPH, went around a steep curve and on the blind part of the curve
there was a stopped taxi and 4 men were behind it pushing it. It was a good thing there
was not on-coming traffic. I had to swerve around the taxi. I would have killed those
men and possibly ourselves had there been on-coming traffic. Later I was driving on a
straight-away and there are over-grown grasses and weeds that rise up against the side
of the road. On-coming trafffic was passing by and on the right, inside those tall over-
grown weeds, was an ocata coming out onto the road. I could not swerve but it was a
near miss. Frightening! We had a warm welcome from the people in the Doe
Compound. We weren't home for more than 15 minutes when Souley and Africel got
into a huge argument that was heading for a fist fight. Two of the missionaries from
next door and Don were standing in between them and Don barked some orders. The
two men broke away from each other. Don ordered Africell, who was drunk, to leave
the compound. Which he did. They locked him out. It wasn't 10 minutes later when
someone let Africell back into the compound. He and Souley got into another very loud
argument. I then heard a woman's voice. Don went outside and came back in and said
Sister Doe went out and ordered the men to shut up because they were driving her
crazy. Africel left the compound on his own and they locked him out again for the
night. Africel is the security guard.
Don has a head cold. He is miserable.
We stopped at the War Wounded Academy on our way home. The contractor,
President Sesay and the site manger, Saidu Thoronka were both there. They have put
in 3 ramps and have built

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