Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Nov 21 2016

Don and 4 of the 6 Elders went for a run this morning at 7:00. 3 Elders came back while
Don and Elder Baddo ran up the mountain a second time. They had leftover pizza here
from yesterday and they gobbled that right up. They did not save Elder Baddo any. But
he has a big pile of it at home. So Don whispered in my ear "how about making some
french toast." Sure, I have a loaf of white bread that I don't particularly like the taste
of. Don asked Elder Baddo if he knew what French Toast is. No, he did not. So I made
some for Elder Baddo (he ate 5 pieces) and 3 pieces for Don as requested. Then one of
the other missionaries came and meekly asked if he could have some french toast. So I
ended up feeding french toast to all the missionaries and I just fed the last of the bread
when Don asked for more. Oops! All gone.
The equipment for the vision project next week is still in customs. The Procurment
officer is the hold up and everyone is getting perturbed. Mr. Mansaray can get it for us
but to do so he has to pull a card that is saved for emergencies and/or major issues.
We met with him this afternoon and he is quite willing to pull that card. He wants to
give him one more day.
Today we stopped over to rewire the missionaries generator and to see why their oven
doesn't work. Elder Baddo and I were in the kitchen and above the stove is a picture of
a woman wearing an apron and she is standing at a counter cutting up vegetables. The
sign underneath the picture says something about this being the best cutting board
ever. Weird! So I asked Elder Baddo about the poster. His answer was, "I met it when I
came". In other words it was there before he moved in.

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